Novel Coronavirus 2019 or Covid-19 has brought the entire world to a standstill. In this global crisis, Sierra Network Media (SNM) continues to highlight issues and educate the people of Sierra Leone through health discussions in every program that airs on its radio or platforms. The Network hosted a health discussion with Family Nurse Practitioner Isatu Kakay-Diallo on March 2, 2019 to discuss the precautionary measures on how to prevent the transmission of the virus Covid-19 even before reporting the first case in Sierra Leone.
SNM and the Sierra Network Family (SNF) believe that it is imperative for the people in Sierra Leone to be educated and aware of the measures that are in place to prevent the virus from spreading from person to person.  The Network continues to emphasize and educate the citizens about the basics, and the most effective ways in preventing the spread of viruses, especially Covid-19. With further emphasis on practicing sneezing and cough hygiene, social distancing by avoiding crowds, social gatherings or outings. Most importantly, recognizing the symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, difficulty breathing, cough, and feeling ill or malaise are continuously discuss during the program in this particular pandemic. We at SNM will continue to educate and sensitize the people of Sierra Leone at any given time.
On April 3, 2020, SNM and its charity foundation supported the nation in the fight against Covid-19, by donating 20 handwashing stations with the veronica buckets at the Portee and Rokupa community. The donation was sponsored by Abraham A. Akempta (Triple-A), founder and CEO of SNM; and Isatu Kakay-Diallo, Lead Director for the Sierra Network Charity Foundation (SNCF). Sensitizing these two communities about the precautionary measures needed to protect themselves; their families, the community they live in, and the country as a whole makes it very essential in the fight against Covid-19.
SNM and SNF emphasized that it is paramount, for citizens to adhere to all precautionary measures that are in place by the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the government of Sierra Leone in the fighting against Covid-19.
With that statement and mission in mind, SNM and SNCF went further by donating five sets of the 200-liter Milla tank handwashing stations at different locations starting with Waterloo Health Clinic, Kissy Ferry Terminal, across the ferry in Lungi, Eastern Police, and PZ central business district, as these are among the busiest parts of the country. Thirty-two members from the SNF sponsored these Milla tank donations to ensure that Sierra Leoneans are taking hand washing very seriously in combating Covid-19.
Therefore, it is incumbent on all Sierra Leoneans to adhere and follow the precautionary measures that are in place to succeed in the fight against Covid-19. Moreover, working together as Sierra Leoneans, we can succeed in keeping our country safe and healthy.
Isatu Kakay-Diallo, RN, FNP-C