As a nonprofit charity organization registered in the state of New York, with most of its members residing in the diaspora, Sierra Network Charity Foundation (SNCF) provided financial support to organizations that are helping other Sierra Leoneans in Freetown and the provinces during their January 2021, Annual Donation Drive.  SNCF extended the donation drive to two schools in different communities, at a senior citizen’s home, and at the war-wounded community.

Senior Citizens as King George’s VI Memorial Home at Grafton

SNCF believes in the work of humanity and hope to change and see Sierra Leone as a better nation.   On January 7, 2021, SNCF started its annual donation drive at the Rokel Community where the lead director Dr. Isatu Kakay-Diallo and Sierra Network Radio panelist Mr. Tony Toure Jones presented each donation recipient with cash donation ranging from three to four million Leones. All donation recipients appreciated the monetary donations received from SNCF with joy and prayers for the members of its organization.  The donation drive ended on January 19, 2021 with the chairlady Haja Fanta Kakay, Sierra Network manager Habib Kalokoh, Sierra Network reporters Isatu Smiley Sesay and Kona Sesay, alongside the camera crew Sly and Samuel in Freetown.

Care Foundation for Better Sierra Leone
Girls Advocacy Development Network formerly known as KIDS CARE
National School for the Deaf at Wilkinson Road

This Annual Donation Drive had six recipients starting with Care Foundation for Better Sierra Leone, Girls Advocacy Development Network formerly known as KIDS CARE, War Wounded at Rokel Community, Senior Citizens as King George’s VI Memorial Home at Grafton, Step Forward Academy at Waterloo, and the National School for the Deaf at Wilkinson Road.

Step Forward Academy at Waterloo

Sierra Network Charity Foundation’s vision and mission is to have educated and healthy citizens in Sierra Leone, quality health care system for all Sierra Leoneans, eradicate poverty through education, empower women and young girls through advocacy and support groups; and ensure that schools across the nation are improved with better learning environments. With all that in mind, SNCF will continue to impact the lives of Sierra Leoneans in different districts and communities across the nation, especially where there is a great need for improvement.

War Wounded at Rokel Community

As SNCF embark on accomplishing the aforementioned mission, we are encouraging fellow Sierra Leoneans to join and support us for the change we envisioned for our beloved country Sierra Leone. We are also calling on non-Sierra Leoneans and philanthropist who believe in the work of humanity to support SNCF, as we strive to change Sierra Leone for the current generation and generations to come.

As humans, we all have a role and responsibility to play in order to change the lives of others and the future of our people.

Isatu Kakay-Diallo, DNP, RN, FNP-C