About Us

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About Us

Sierra Network Charity Foundation (SNCF) is a nonprofit organization developed to benefit the people of Sierra Leone. The foundation will be committed to making an impact in the lives of Sierra Leoneans. Members of this foundation resides within the diaspora that “puts the interest of Sierra Leone above all else”.

The purpose is to provide financial assistance to the people of Sierra Leone with the focus on education, women’s rights and empowerment, improved health care system, scholarships for students enrolled in the health profession (i.e. nursing, medicine), journalism, law, and more. In addition, SNCF will provide donation to schools, elderly homes, and hospitals each year based on the need of the identified locations.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans through advocacy, financial support, public health, social justice and equity, civic engagement, and empowering young girls and women across the nation. SNCF will respond to any crisis that occurs in the country by ensuring that we keep all Sierra Leoneans safe and healthy. Engage in advocacy that will ensure improved health care system for all Sierra Leoneans.

Our Vision

⦁ To have educated and healthy citizens in Sierra Leone that will compete with other nations around the globe when it comes to science, technology, innovation, health care, and journalism.
⦁ Quality Health Care System for All Sierra Leoneans
⦁ Eradicate poverty in the nation through education
⦁ Strong Advocacy for Women’s Right and Empowerment
⦁ Improved and Better Learning Environment in schools across the nation